Mishkid Records




I’m Meshael Obi Felix, professional known as Mishkid. I am  a singer, songwriter,record producer and Audio Engineer. I was born on 21.10.1998. I started my music journey in a Church,where i played drums and sang at the age of 13.

I am a rising star, and I am widely tipped to be one of the biggest artists in the country in the years to come. I am a talented and creative artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of music.


2017 - 2023

Singer & Musician Artist


Since 2017 till date, I have played the role of an artist, singer, musician, recording artist, Ghostwriter and Audio Engineer, during this time, I was able to craft, learn and record music that resonates with my audience. My portfolio showcases the musical journey and experiences I have amassed during this period.


2004 - 2006

Audio Engineering

from Germany

2017 – 2023 Audio Engineering. Before venturing into Audio Engineering world , I was able to get my High School Diploma and learnt some hand-working skills, this foundation has been pivotal in shaping my career in the music industry. Explore my portfolio to see how my audio engineering education has contributed to my creative journey.